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Saturday, October 30, 2010

AG OG Lo G Suno G to 3G/4G

From the famous Bollywood number Ag Og Lo G Suno G, to 3G/4G and further marching towards Long Term Evolution LTE, the technology has traveled places in India with times, enabling remotest of regions in the country. The tricky terrains of the Himalayas in the North to sandy beaches of Kanyakumari in the South. From the ports of Por Bandar in the west to the green Jungles of Sunderbans in the East. Every location has been connected. Thanks to the revolution in the way we communicate. Leaving a clear imprint on the way we lead our daily lives.

Technology is a great enabler, when used with responsibility. There were times when even a land line was hardly around in the villages. And now every farmer is mobile in the country.

Technology is evolving, 3G/4G  translates into a faster, reliable, efficient communication system leading faster pace of life and a faster road to development and prosperity. When the world is besieged with problems galore, technologies enable a common man to achieve his dreams and certainly 3G/4G enhances this ability to communicate faster enormously.

Tata has been a pioneer in communication technologies in India, together with DOCOMO and with the latest 3G launch, we are going to see a new dawn in India. I take this opportunity to congratulate people of India, Tata-DOCOMO for this big leap into the future of communication technologies in the country. Jai ho!